Why Choose Us

Kejora Agro Sdn BHD (KASB) is a subsidiary of Kejora Development Holding Sdn BHD (KDHSB) established in 28 November 2012 under the Companies Act 1965 and wholly owned subsidiary of the Southeast Johor Development Authority (KEJORA), which is one of the statutory bodies agencies under the Ministry of Rural Development (KPLB).

The company was established to carry out key specialized activities in agriculture sector. The company is responsible for managing and developing agricultural lands that are suitable and potential to be developed in line with The objectives of the agricultural development of KEJORA. These include the implementation of activities high-tech modern agriculture such as fertigation systems that can help increase the productivity and revenue and conduct of farm farming commercial with high potential crops.

Vision & Mission

1) Strengthening the financial position towards independent business entities.

2) To increase quality and productivity in agricultural activities to produce adequate supply of agricultural produce to meet the needs of the local residents and the products can be exported overseas.

3) To boost agricultural development around the province of KEJORA.

4) To become Agricultural Project developer and project management consultant.

5) To be a manufacturing hub for agricultural products in Malaysia.

6) To become the world's renowned Agro-tourism centre and worldwide.





Agriculture. Producing More. Conserving More. Improving Lives.